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Saunas can provide a luxurious and relaxing experience, but it can be difficult to get to the gym or spa after a long day. Hi-Q of Las Vegas offers you the opportunity to bring the wonderful experience of a sauna conveniently into the privacy and comfort of your own home. Hi-Q offer products that are technologically advanced over traditional steam saunas and can provide you with a safe and lavish spa experience, day or night.

Infrared Sauna Technology

The technology that Hi-Q of Las Vegas has developed far surpasses that of traditional steam saunas. Hi-Q utilizes infrared light to emulate the warmth of natural sunlight. The infrared energy is more efficiently localized and concentrated than steam, thus allowing heat to reach deeper into your body's core. These saunas use significantly less energy than steam based saunas, resulting in significantly cheaper operating costs.

Health Benefits

Saunas offer a great multitude of health benefits. Because Lux Sauna Las Vegas provides products that are superior in technology and overall efficiency, the health benefits that can derived from spa use are accelerated and felt more intensely. The infrared technology allows the heat to pass beyond your skin and into the tissues beneath, resulting in better health and fitness in a much smaller time frame.

Heart Health

Saunas can improve cardio health, as the penetrating heat of the infrared light enters the deepest core of the body and warms the tissues and organs. This increases the heart rate and improves cardio vascular health. This can result in greatly improved heart health, as well as an increased metabolic rate. Because of the increased heart and metabolic rates, saunas are also an ideal way to burn calories and a fantastic addition to a weight loss plan. It is also an excellent alternative to those who are wheelchair bound or otherwise incapable of performing exercises that exercise cardio health.

Pain Therapy

You can also relieve physical pain by using one of our infrared saunas. Because the penetration of the heat is so deep, the flow of highly oxygenated blood throughout the body is greatly increased. This oxygen rich blood rapidly accelerates the healing process of minor injuries, such as bruises and muscle strains. The relaxation that results from the warmth of a sauna also loosens any tension in the muscles, allowing any tears or other injuries to heal more quickly. This process also prepares the body and muscles for further physical activity, thus preventing repeated injury. Research has also shown that infrared heat can alleviate symptoms of joint and back pain, headaches, and arthritis, making this an ideal therapy solution to the elderly, migraine sufferers, or chronic back pain patients.

  • Costs only $3-$5 per month to operate
  • Regular 110v 20AMP plug - comparable to running a 1400 watt hair dryer
  • Quality cabinetry and construction: an enhancement to any home
  • 100% non-toxic wood inside - cedar stanied exterior
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 90 Day Risk FREE Trial
  • ETL Certified

Other Benefits of Hi-Q Kansas City

Hi-Q allow those in wheel chairs or who are unable to exercise regularly to get cardiovascular training. It will also add variety to your routine if you work out regularly. Hi-Q will help you burn calories and lose weight without the wear and tear on your body caused by traditional work out methods. The sauna will help you work out by increasing your heart rate. This is caused by the heating effect brought on by the infrared heating system.

The increased blood flow caused by Hi-Q will also help you heal faster from injury. Better blood flow means more oxygen will be carried to your muscles and organs. Oxygen is fundamental in healing bruises, tears and sprains. You will also see an increase of white blood cells in your system after using Hi-Q. White blood cells help you fight off infections and speed the healing process.